zoo tycoon saved games

If anyone has any advice for us, that would be great!
They arrived on teh island and had to go through the introduction michael vey book 2 pdf stuff)., 4:42 AM #9, originally Posted by, michael Brookes (Source we've not had any joy recreating this except where we deliberatly remove a save or overwrite.So, I know 'that' is not the issue.Michael, our 4 year old plays it the most and is working through earning everything again.Its a pick up and play style of game with endless amounts of playability that will keep you glued for a good few hours.The issue is that their saved games vanished and they had to start from scratch (no pun intended)., 5:29 PM #7 do they play together on the same game?And I get that part, they have been playing it for weeks, resuming their individual saved games as they go along.Size: 177 KB (181.451 Bytes zoo Tycoon Savegame hier: download.None of them had selected "start new game they always have chosen the pawprints to continue.Legendary Beasts Now Live In Pokemon.So I signed out, left the room, and when I cam back in it recognized me again and had the correct avatar and car displayed.All three of the other saved games reverted back to the opening cut scenes: two are xbl silver accounts and the 3rd is a new profile created after Christmas and has not been signed up for use online (I assume it is technically game battlefield 2142 demo considered silver?).Makes me wish I hadn't encouraged my 4 year old to keep playing., 2:09 PM #11.
Thanks., 2:29 AM #3, i just ran into this problem too.