xcom enemy within save game

Custom Mods, spring 2014 patch causes.6.4 to be mostly incompatable.
Xcom: Enemy Unknown General Discussions attack on titan episode 22 sub indo Topic Details, how do I exit and save a game?Engineering/Research: longer times, higher material costs, Uplinks nerfed, labs become more important.Save Games Location for Linux Mint.Missions: more Base Assaults (withdrawn Council countries can be recovered up to 5 Abduction Missions per month (but only on 1 country at a time, always 100 Credit reward Council and Terror Missions more frequent.Disable Panicked Friendly Fire, alien Abductions in Nations with Satellite Coverage.I've just spent about a week replaying EU and I'm going to be pissed if I have to start over with a whole new crew of scrubs instead of being able to use my boss mode psionic mobile sniper from the get.New Foundry projects: many upgrades to make shivs useful in late-game (mod intended to make them near-essential throughout).HxD Generic Hex editor, for novice/advanced use Hacks may require using ToolBoks to 'unpack' XcomGame.I had to ctrl-alt-del to quit the game.UPK Example: Finding offset 8B43AD, and changing the value from 97 to 96 cancels Enemy Within's "finish flinching before dying" 'fix and enemies will die on bullet impact as in Enemy Unknown.Hi I'm new to steam and to Xcom.Edit note that if you first played on Windows and then started playing on Linux, you will need to rename the "SaveData" folder to all lower-case letters like "savedata" so that the Linux version reads the Steam Cloud saves and doesn't create a new, empty.Configurable Ability Hot-Keys, configurable Camera - Free rotation, Max/Min zoom etc.Adjust the amount of Will a soldier loses when they are critically wounded.Save Games Location for OSX, edit /Library/Application Support/Feral Interactive/xcom Enemy Unknown/SaveData/.Features: Save Editor, increase Squad Size, perk Tree Builder, display Soldiers'.Action Cam for Missed Shots, action Cam for Every Dash, arc Thrower in Pistol Slot.Current version.6.4 Beta and all features can be activated separately.
Psi Probability, skip Startup Movies, fast Motion, enable Developer Shell.
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