xbox 360 games dvd disc

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We won't give up and neither should you.Solutions, you dont need any special software or hardware to play DVDs on your Xbox 360 console.This will ensure that your DVDs burn evenly.10 Check the "User specified" option.Fix Xbox 360 video problems.Click Yes when prompted.Play or pause Note If the DVD is bookmarked, it will start playing automatically where it was stopped the last time you viewed.This file will have.DVD extension, not.ISO extension.9 Click the Write tab.It may seem tempting to make a backup copy of a friend's game to use on your own console, but doing so is just as illegal as downloading a free copy of the game from a pirating site.DVD Decrypter will begin ripping the ISO file from the DVD.Click and drag the "Average Disk Queue Length" slider right until it reads "5.0".If you are watching a DVD for the first time, the display mode defaults to Auto.During DVD playback, a wireless microphone is disabled.To access different display modes while watching a DVD or Netflix movie, press A on your controller and then select Display.
Cant play DVD: wrong region code.
Bookmarking : If you stop a DVD and eject it before the feature ends, the Xbox 360 console remembers, or bookmarks, the point where you stopped.
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