windows services for unix 2008r2

For many years, unix and Windows systems were viewed as separate, incompatible environments that were physically, technically, and ideologically different.
Note Add the -whatIf parameter to your command to instruct Server Manager to show the list of all software that is installed by default by the command.No longer were the components a part of a separate package.If the wizard prompts you to install any other role services that are required by Identity Management for unix components, click.It is expected that the sparc version of Solaris 10 would act the same as the Intel version of Solaris.In the Roles section, in the list of common tasks, click Add Role Services.Type one of the following, and then press enter.Exe - install adds-Password-Sync -restart, note: You need schema administrator privilege to perform this installation.The computer must be restarted after the installation of Identity Management for unix finishes.Authentication is done via Kerberos/V5.In case of Windows 2008 R2, steps to install Password synchronization is provided above (under heading: To install Identity Management for unix components on Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controllers).Identity Management for unix is considered a role service, or a software subcomponent, of the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) server role.Installing Identity Management for unix by using Windows PowerShell.Because of security restrictions imposed by User Account Control, you must run the commands in Windows PowerShell or in a Command Prompt window opened with elevated user rights.
This long J post I believe has almost all the steps to migrating game warcraft 3 gratis a Server for NIS environment from Windows 2003 SFU.5 to Windows 2008 R2 environment.