windows server 2012 essentials connector

On the vectorworks designer with renderworks 2011 Type your new network user name and password page, do the following: If this is the first computer that you are connecting to the server, and if this is the computer that you will be using to administer the server, use the administrator.
You will usually do this if there is a problem with the Connector software or if you need to install a newer version of the Connector software.
Do one of the following: For a computer running the Windows operating system, click Download software for Windows.
The Connector software will exit its installation if it is unable to communicate with the server.In addition, you cannot use Remote Web Access to connect a Mac computer.Thanks for your support.On the Find my server page, auto-detect the server in the local networks and select the server that you want to connect.For step-by-step instructions for joining Windows to a workgroup, Join or create a workgroup.For step-by-step instructions, see Uninstall the Connector software.This grants the required permissions to perform network administrator tasks.Essentials related services will be removed.The computer name does not include more than 15 characters.The fix is expected in the coming months; we are trying our best to get it published asap.Because client computer backup is not supported for the second server, the backup status is displayed as Not supported.
The computer is on the same IP subnet as the server.
For more information, visual studio 2010 express link see.