windows 7 themes setup file

Following is an example of how colors are set.
Windows 7: When the path points to styles, you can also specify the desired Transparency value, as shown in the following example.The first part of the Theme section contains the following two elements: Element, description, eisa recovery 2 serial number displayNamename or, [email protected],-stringId example:,-2013, displayName is the theme name that will show up in the Personalization Control Panel.If your antivirus software flags it as suspect, you may need to add it to its Ignore, Exclusions or safe list.Windows 7 themes properly.There are 10 background images of 1920 x 1200 widescreen resolution in the theme.Description of a Theme File, theme files have a number of required and optional sections.Theme Packs Windows 7 and later.Note, this section is optional.Shuffle identifies whether the background shuffles.Related, comments comments, download Free Themes, download free windows 7 themes, Download Windows 8 Themes, download windows7 themes, free windows 7 themes, Themes, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8 Theme, Windows Themes.You can supply specific information concerning the size and color of desktop elements.msstyles files.TileWallpaper0 ; 0: The wallpaper picture should not be tiled ; 1: The wallpaper picture should be tiled WallpaperStyle2 ; 0: The image is centered if TileWallpaper0 or tiled if TileWallpaper1 ; 2: The image is stretched to fill the screen ; 6: The image.Freeware download of Eva Mendes Windows 7 Theme.00, size.02.The rest of the Theme section specifies custom icons for desktop features like Computer, My Documents, Network, and Recycle Bin.
The icon graphic must be a PNG file.