winamp 5 default modern skin

Winamp skin sk 5208 installer code unknown Made by Snoopy88 srskin_Sony CDX-MP3 Carsten Elste's Sony_CDX-MP3 skin Made for the Sony_CDX-MP3 Winamp skin.
Edited the "play" button to a "record" button.The best winamp 5 setup.Made by gh0st srskin_royale_black illegal's srskin_royale_black skin Made by illegal srskin_mmd3_chihyu Ch'Ih-Yu's srskin_mmd3_chihyu skin An update manual patch hon terbaru to fishboy's mmd3 skin, with new captions and buttons.Made by fishboy windows_mediaplayer11 Michael.'s windows_mediaplayer11 skin A little Vista feeling for the.P?t355695 Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Winamp Pro 07, cPro MPxi_remix skin,.1 speaker system Aminifu.Made by Carsten Elste srskin_Xterm Dan Smith's Xterm skin Camoflage for the workspace environment?AquaX Lennymaster's AquaX skin Another Aqua X skin!Made by JVC srskin_sash sashspb-studio's srskin_sash skin A new look for winamp classic (complete with matching winamp skin).Made by Dave NightVision Miroslav.'s NightVision skin A nice skin.Winamp skin unknown Made by Snoopy88 srskin_Smokey_Metal_Purple Snoopy88's Smokey_Metal_Purple skin No screenshot.Made by Carsten Elste srskin_gerbaseskin Carsten Elste's Winamp.91c Deutsch skin More nice skins!
Made by Markus srskin_xp_corporate Markus's XP-Corporate Silver skin A nice skin.