webbrowser control c# windows forms

In my ToolStrip control, I add a Label, a TextBox, and a few Button controls with windows password recovery usb a few separators.
Well, things have changed since then.WebBrowser control in Toolbox.Figure 2, in the next step, I am going to set default properties of the WebBrowser control.Private void, browseBtn_Click( object sender, EventArgs e) webBrowser1.Url UrlTextBox.In this application, I am going to add a ToolStrip and a WebBrowser controls to the form.In 2001, I published an article.Figure 1, after your Toolbar looks like Figure 1, drag a WebBrowser control form Toolbox to the Form and resize and dock the control the way you like on the Form.I guess Microsoft always leaves something for us programmers.Navigation, the WebBrowser class in code behind is associated with the WebBrowser control.UriFormatException) return; WebBrowser control also has built-in browser methods to go winamp 5 default modern skin home, forward, backward, refresh, save, print and others.Other features I would like see in this control could be all the features IE and other browsers provide.What I would really like to see in this control was to have property to show URL TextBox and button built-in the control itself.So as a programmer, if I wanted the URL TextBox to be displayed, I would simply set the property.To add this control to your application, just drag and drop on the form.By the time we are done with the application, the final user interface will look like Figure.Personally, I am really not fond about this control.This action launches the Properties window.In this article, I will demonstrate how to use the WebBrowser control in a Windows Forms application using C# and Visual Studio 2010.