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Those who study the mythical vampire origins are called Noddists.
8 :393 Baali : An obscure and malevolent bloodline of demon worshiping vampires legendarily descended from Baal-the-Destroyer.All bloodlines are treated as exceptionally rare in the game, leaving most of the interactions and story lines centered around the clans.8 :283-284 Though they cannot die of old age, vampires in this setting can die.Zip File Includes Combo Discipline Sheets for each Sect.Age edit An important means of social distinction among vampires in this setting is through age.Another game followed in 2004: Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.8 :20, 72-73 Antitribu edit Most Sabbat vampires consider themselves to be the anti-Clans or antitribu in rebellion against their parent clans' values, goals, or loyalties.Their Discipline of Dementation allows them to spread their insanity like a plague (prior to the third edition, knowledge of this Discipline was suppressed within the Camarilla).The Toreador are enthralled by the ever-changing mortal world and are one of the few clans, as a whole, to seek to keep up with.Attitudes towards diablerie range from criminalization to an act of liberation.Pettengale, Paul (Christmas 1996).8 :20, 56-57 Lasombra : Darkly aristocratic vampires who see power over others and self-mastery as their noblesse oblige.The clan is highly organized and its members are all partially Blood Bound to the ruling seven Elders of the clan.13 All of White Wolf's tabletop roleplaying games are now published by Onyx Path Publishing, including Vampire, while all of White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theatre products are now published through By Night Studios.A b c d e Appelcline, Shannon (2007).Storyteller System games for its, world of Darkness setting line.5 6 Some of Vampire 's central themes of the power of belief developed out of Rein-Hagen's religious upbringing.Its content was also novel, as the game focused on plots, intrigue and story as opposed to more straightforward dungeon scenarios.The clan's founder wishes to remove the barrier between the living world and the dead in order to reign supreme.7 Its simple cover photo of a rose on green marble set the tone for the game and differentiated it from other games on the market.Includes the anti-tribu clans as well as the bloodlines unique to the Sabbat: the Blood Brothers, Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd, Panders and Serpents of the Light.
Others claim that Gehenna is simply the wakening of the Antediluvians who have returned to feed on the blood of their descendants.
Contentions between the different societies surrounding the origins of vampires and Gehenna are important in-game motivations for the Jyhad that color clannad after story game the character's understanding of their world.