upc barcode generator check digit

Sum all digits in odd position and multiply the result by 3: (761152 366.
For further information about these other GS1 keys mentioned above, please consult the GS1 General Specifications.org/genspecs.
From the right trend micro titanium internet security 2015 trial to the left, start with odd position, assign the odd/even position to each digit.
This is a 17 digit number. .Use our check digit calculator below to calculate a check digit.All gtins need a check digit, and this is the last digit of the number. .The table below explains which gtins usually appear in which GS1 barcodes. .Gtin-13, eAN-13 (ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 DataMatrix, and GS1 QR).Check Digit Calculator, number Format, number, check Digit.Gtin-8, eAN-8, gTIN-12, uPC-A (also printmaster platinum 2012 keygen GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 QR).Sum all digits in even position: (24274)19.You can also calculate a check digit manually.Sscc, gS1-128, other GS1 identifiers also need a check digit to complete them, and this calculator can also provide these for the following GS1 keys.Global Service Relation Number (gsrn). .The easiest way to figure out a UPC check digit is to use our free.The check digit then is the result of 10-55.Add the digits in the odd-numbered positions (first, third, fifth, etc.) together and multiply the total by three: x393, add the digits in the even-numbered positions (second, fourth, sixth, etc.).All, uPC (Universal Product Code) barcodes include a modulo-10 check digit.9718126, add the two results together: 9326119, now what single digit number makes the total a multiple of 10?Calculating the UPC check digit involves an unusual algorithm.
Gtin-14, iTF-14 (GS1-128, GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 QR).