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But you can get an idea that what the meaning of the sentence.
phrase, if someone has a particular turn of phrase, they have comodo internet security 2012 1 year a particular way of saying or writing something.The Major Road Blocker for globalisation is language.The online Hindi to English Translation tool provide instant translation of your Hindi sentences.And we hope one day the software will able to produce 100 accurate translation.Hindi to English Translation is the process of translating Hindi language Sentence in to English Language.Copyright 2014 by HarperCollins Publishers.The translation will take 1 to 2 minutes in English translation.Translation software is evolving day by day.Rita's stories were good; she had a nice turn of phrase.countable noun, a phrase is a short group of words that are used as a unit and whose meaning is not always obvious from the words contained.transitive verb, if you phrase something in a particular way, you say or write it in that way.Google Translate for Business: Translator Toolkit, website Translator.English, spanish, french, detect language, detect English, spanish, arabic, (Simplified)Chinese Translate text or webpage, maximum characters exceeded, type text or a website address or translate a document.Here we are using Machine translation software that translates Hindi into English.