the vampire diaries season 4 episode 7 subtitles

Damon doesn't react and changes the subject by telling Stefan that kingdoms ccg promo code to get to the cure, the hunter's map needs to be completed by killing enough vampires.
Elena mentions that he is the one who told Damon how to break the hunter's curse and Caroline adds that he is also helping.Meanwhile, Caroline calls Stefan and he tells her about Elena's feelings for Damon, which Caroline disapproves.Matt tells him it must be because he is a hunter and that if Jeremy doesn't tell Elena, he will.April is crowned Miss Mystic Falls.At the event Caroline asks Elena if she is sure this is what she wants, calling Stefan her soul mate.He tells her he knows about the break-up but does not know the reason.They talk about the cure and Caroline wonders why Klaus needs.The episode ends with Damon and Elena cradling each other's faces in a loving kiss.Shane Hayley sharing a drink and asks Tyler to find out what is going.Jeremy arrives at the pageant and attacks Elena, nearly killing her, but she is rescued by Stefan and Matt.Tyler comes to tell her that Caroline has bought them one more day by keeping Klaus busy at the event.She asks him to attend the event while he does not want to as he has just broken up with.Stefan tells her they need to fix things to which she tells him that the old Elena died in the accident and he needs to accept that she has changed and needs to let.He suggests that they find another hunter unless they want Jeremy to follow in Connor's footsteps.She is rescued by Stefan Matt who takes Jeremy away.They tell her to wear the blue while Damon arrives asking for Prof.Matt tells Elena about Jeremy's nightmares.Shane what is going.Elena and Caroline, stefan is seen stepping out of the Salvatore house when Damon asks him where he has been and where is he going.As soon as Stefan cuts the call, Klaus grabs him from behind, strangling his neck for telling everyone about the cure.Tyler does not want to go to the event, but Hayley convinces him to take her.