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(b) Competitive procedures for establishing a BPA.
8.405 Ordering procedures for Federal Supply Schedules.
The ordering activity shall document (1) cyberlink youcam 3.5 for mac The schedule contracts considered, noting the contractor from which the service was purchased; (2) A description of the service purchased; (3) The amount paid; (4) The evaluation methodology used in selecting the contractor to receive the order; (5) The.
(4) Probable life of the item selected as compared with that of a comparable item.(9) A statement of work for services, when required, or a brief, complete description of each item (when ordering by model number, features and options such as color, finish, and electrical characteristics, if available, must be specified).(d) Duration of BPAs.(a) Ordering activities shall use the procedures of this subsection when ordering supplies and services that are listed in the schedules contracts at a fixed price for the performance of a specific task, where a statement of work is not required (.g., installation, maintenance.(ii) Award notices for MAS orders (including orders issued under BPAs) shall follow the procedures.705.The ordering activity shall evaluate all responses received using the evaluation criteria provided to the schedule contractors.It may have up to four one-year options.(a) An ordering activity contracting officer may terminate individual orders for the Governments convenience.Schedule contractors are not required to pass on to all schedule users a price reduction extended only to an individual ordering activity for a specific order or BPA.The ordering activity should attempt to distribute orders among contractors.The applicable services will be identified in the Federal Supply Schedule publications and the contractors pricelists.(i) The notice shall include the following information about the terminated order: (A) Name and address of the contractor.(4) The ordering activity contracting officer shall ensure that all"s received are fairly considered and award is made in accordance with the basis for selection in the RFQ.The ordering activity is responsible for considering the level of effort and the mix of labor proposed to perform, and for determining that the proposed price is reasonable.(ii) Special features of the supply or service required for effective program performance.
The ordering activity contracting officer shall include in the BPA file documentation the (i) Schedule contracts considered, noting the contractor to which the BPA was awarded; (ii) Description of the supply or service purchased; (iii) Price; (iv) Required justification for a limited-source BPA (see.405-6.
(B) The ordering activity need not contact each of the multiple-award BPA holders before placing an order if information is available to ensure that each BPA holder is provided a fair opportunity to be considered for each order.