sql server 2012 business intelligence development studio

Second, most types of projects lend themselves better to tabular models than multidimensional models.
It brings the Business Intelligence Development Studio (bids the "Data Dude" tools in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium and Ultimate editions, and SQL Server Management Studio (ssms) into the same IDE.
Accessing the prior version is as easy as right-clicking the name of a project in Object Explorer to access the Versions menu.You can now install MDS while you're installing SQL Server instead of using a separate installer, as was required in the previous release.There are built-in reports that display all the details.This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.When you execute a package, you choose which environment to execute it against.Perhaps the most noteworthy change is the new package deployment model, which lets you build, deploy, and execute multiple ssis packages as an ssis project.In addition, many of the features that were part of the add-in are built directly into Excel 2013, such as the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine.Note, if you are using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, best drum machine for ipad 2013 double click Dynamics AX initial Cubes.If you included the Main account dimension in the Analysis Services project that contains the General ledger cube, use Main account olapmainaccount Main account in account.The tabular model uses xVelocity in-memory ssas databases, which provide very fast reporting through client applications such as Excel and Microsoft Power View.For example, you can create a daily, weekly, or monthly partition, load the data into a new table, build all indexes, and switch the table into the partitioned table.Changes in the Data Management and Warehousing game warcraft 3 gratis Area.For example, you can configure a data alert to deliver a report to a business user when a price goes down or sales falls below a specified threshold.SharePoint integration has been re-architected to improve the administrator and user experience.
PowerPivot.0 was made available with SQL Server 2012.
The other member is the new memory-optimized columnstore index, which is ideal for data warehouse workloads.