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Read news story Lancashire Police urges residents to protect their cars Date: 15:38:25 Category: Car tracking Author: Joe Elvin Lancashire Police is urging residents to take more measures to protect their cars, after a string of catalytic converter thefts were reported in the area.
Read news story Land Rover Defender tops list of UK's most stolen cars Date: 13:09:27 Category: Car tracking Author: Joe Elvin The Land Rover Defender is the UK's most stolen car, according to a new study.The first concerned the theft of a quad bike from a school in Derby.Read news story Photos of the new Porsche 911 revealed Date: 13:29:32 Category: Classic Cars Author: Michael McFadyen Photos of the new Porsche 911, which was created to mark 50 years since the car was first manufactured, have been released.Lee Mills, aged 38, and variant robison wells epub his 27-year-old nephew Scott Shakeshaft, were.Read news story Driving around for cheaper petrol cancels out savings Date: 17:27:20 Category: Fuel Efficiency Author: Richard Towey Driving an extra ten miles in order to find a cheaper place to buy petrol represents a false economy, according to a new study.Late autumn, with its cold and wet weather, typically.Dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates.Read news story High tech security helps reduce 'agri-crime' in Staffordshire Date: 11:19:35 Category: Agricultural machinery tracking Author: Chris Taylor Police have reported significant falls in the amount of rural crime in Staffordshire and Derbyshire - mainly thanks to new technology.The 2014 winner for the most Best Buy products in a year was Morrisons.Date: 14:37:52, category: Agricultural machinery tracking, author: David Howells, new semiconductor technology could be used to improve fuel efficiency in Toyota's hybrid and electric range by ten per cent, reports.Read news story Fuel-efficient car sales rise by 25 per cent Date: 14:34:01 Category: Fuel Author: Michael McFayden Fuel-efficient cars experienced a 25 per cent jump in sales last month, according to the latest industry sales figures.Read news story New car sales rise almost 15 per cent in April Date: 10:31:59 Category: Car tracking Author: Richard Towey Car sales have continued to skyrocket in the UK thanks to private buyers buying up to third more new vehicles in April than in March.Has released its 2013 list of Britain's favourite cars with the Yeti baggin.If youre cleaning up after festive celebrations, make your job quicker and easier check our best cleaning products guide.Louise Wright, a hearing aid consultant from.According to, the.Writing for m, Neil Briscoe explained that."Savings Champion's treasure trove of data is one of my most valued sources of information on savings products.
Read news story New Ford Fiestas to feature 'MyKey' technology as standard Date: 10:32:23 Category: Fuel Efficiency Author: Joe Elvin Drivers of new Ford Fiestas could soon have their speed limit capped - by their parents!