samson rope splicing dvd

Some repetitive sequences have been edited for time.
K-100, inspection 1:17, k-100, install Preparation 1:17, k-100, installation 1:58 K-100 Hoisting High Load 1:35 K-100 Hoisting No Load : Samson Mining Tech Tip: Proper Rope Sizing 1:15 Tech Tip: Taking out the build a lot 3 full version Twist 1:15 Tech Tip: Shackle Sizing :55 Mining Advantage 1:08 Tried and.DVD 1: Class 1 Ropes 8 strand end-for-end splice, 8 strand eye splice, 12 strand end-for-end splice, 12 strand eye splice, Double Braid Eye Splice, Round Plait Eye Splice, Lock Stitching Procedure.The videos on this two-DVD set are intended to work together with the written splicing instructions developed by Samson.These videos cover splicing techniques for the most commonly spliced Class 1 and Class II ropes Samson offers. It is imperative that the class of the rope is accurately determined before splicing. Class 1 ropes are made from non high-modulus fibers: olefin (polyproylene or polyethylene nylon or polyester.Non-Jacketed 3:38, dPX Fiber Technology 5:22, surface Preparation 4:03.Messenger Lines 4:03, why Splice? Class II ropes are produced either in whole or in part, with high-modulus fibers: hmpe (dyneema Aramid (Technora LCP (Vectran) or PBO (Zylon) fibers.These splicing videos are intended to show the techniques involved in splicing Samson high-performance ropes.8:09, k-100, crane Rope, k-100, lifting Simplified 1:42.DVD 2: Class II Ropes 8 strand eye splice, 8 strand end-for-end splice, 12 strand Eye Splice, 12 Strand Tuck-Bury Eye Splice, Double Braid Eye Splice, Lock Stitching Procedure.The Effect of Twist on a Braided Rope 15:01 Frank Coltco-Devlin Application Engineer Creep Explained 30:20 Greg Mozsgai R D Manager OffShore Engineer Expert Access Webcast.When performing the splice, follow Samson's written instructions for the step-by-step procedure below.It's All About Rope: Elongation Causes Effects 9:41, it's All About Rope Technical Video Series.Performance 5:34, effect of Twist on Braided Rope 5:00, how Hot?Watch the video to become familiar with the individual steps of the splice.Winding Rope on a Winch 3:25, hMPE Rope Design.Samson partners with industry experts.A growing collection of technical videos with information relating to high-performance rope.# esxcfg-advcfg -s 16 /NFS/MaxVolumes Value of MaxVolumes is 16 This command sets the MaxVolumes setting.
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