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Why yes is there something that we dont know?
But then again, its kinda cute how shes so forthright about it: Do you wanna come with me?Ha, maybe you two are the ones who are evil.Ha, I love how Ji-hyos question about the rules throws Maknae FD off for a data structures and algorithms for gate pdf second before he announces todays teams.Ah, so this means that whenever theyre together, the third person who joins them will be eliminated.Theyre instructed to each choose a room key and then place them in an envelope.Jae-suk wonders why the message would be written in blood, but the mirror has even more to say: If three or more gather together, someone will die.Gary gives her an unknowing helping hand by helping her take on Suk-jin.Teehee, Suzy utilizes her long hair to try out her ghost status by imitating The Ring.Ji-hyo is nowhere to be found, and then water splashes from behind the door.Sure enough, the mirror had confirmed that they were meant.Only that raises more suspicion about why she seems so eager.I imagine that there are more rules to come, but I do like how these specific rules serve to spice up the classic game, and therefore force the cast to think on their feet.He manages to pull Kwang-soo aside, and is surprisingly honest about what happened in front of the mirror.At once, Jae-suk takes it out on his poor.Aw, and Ji-hyo looks so sorry about it as she apologizes on her knees.What cracks me up is Suzys loud disapproval and the subsequent Suzy and I are our own team!Jong-kook isnt even breakin a sweat and he encourages the pair to work together before he overtakes them.The boys give Ji-hyo a little grief when her shoe lands in Suk-jins cubby, all, So it was Suk-jin all along, eh?Then they place those into a mysterious time-capsule-like mailbox to be delivered to their future selves.
They engage in a four-way scuffle in the classroom as Haha tries to hunt down Garys item in the hallway.
This rule is announced through the speakers, and now this game just got a lot creepier.