rundll32 vista 32 bit

Having the similar issue.
Can anyone attach a screenshot of a mentioned "Action center" so I could find it visually?
MsgBox Printer installation complete.Here is the 1st Post. Before I can get to that point I need to resolve the syntax issue for.Ekstogo.-slow-computer hi, I am new to this forum. Eventually I will need to rework it so that I can interchange variable data.Also don't know if the solution of @ONEoo7 helps, but I can't find "Action center" in my localized version of windows.Don't know whether the issue did appear on my previous CPU (i3-3220) - I just started noticing on new CPU that the cooler began produce much noise when my PC is idle. I'm currently getting a Printer pop-up box "Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000003 due to n syntax.Name'spoo ler set RegGetObject winmgmts:i mpersonati onLevelim personate!" _ strComputer "rootdefault:StdRegProv" ) ', aDD port TO registry OF remote machine '.I recently noticed my computer is slow, very slow.Thank you, diammond, const hklm h80000002 strComputer "computer1" strInfFile "CwindowsSystem32Drive rStoreFil eRepositor yprnhp002.inf_x86_n eutral_e6d aa9c39ac00 1a3prnhp0 f" strPrinterName "printer1" strDriverName "HP LaserJet 4250 PCL6" strServer "server1 set objwmiservice GetObject winmgmts _ "impersonationLevelimper sonate!I will try to do anything to make the experts job any easier.I didn't install anything yet nor the last time I used it, so if someone can tell me what pre-steps they need me to do, I will gladly.Thanks again, I cannot risk formating this computer, it has a lot of important and unique things on it, pictures, videos,etc.Ex ists elev ated False Then.My internet lathem time clock pc600 connection on other computers is slow so it may take me a day or two to get back to this topic.
In my case the process is "rundll32.exe aepdu.
Thanks and sorry for any errors in advance.