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Mulatu Teshome, Ethiopia's ambassador to Turkey, was elected president in Oct., 2013.
The major population centers are also inhabited by Arabs, Indians, and Pakistanis, as well as emigrants from Europe, America, and neighboring African countries.In early 1974 the native instruments battery 3 keygen socioeconomic and political crisis of the feudal-monarchical system became exacerbated owing to delays in resolving problems of agrarian reform; to the drought of 1973, which brought about hundreds of thousands of deaths by starvation; to a sharp increase in the price.After the expulsion of the Italians, decrees were issued in 1942 that prohibited slavery and freed advanced rar password recovery 1.11 full the slaves.It implemented measures aimed at sleeping dogs update 1.5 overcoming the countrys lack of political unity and at limiting slavery.61,600 1,784,000 Debre Markos Harerge.The country was combined with Eritrea Eritrea, officially State of Eritrea, republic (2005 est.The Amhara, Gurage, Argobba, Harari, Tigrinya, Tigre, and some Beni Amer speak Semitic languages.The juniper forests are preserved in the Menagasha National Park west of Addis Ababa.For the next two centuries the Ethiopian kingdom, centered at Gondar Gondar or Gonder, town (1994 pop.Serto ader, an organ of the Commission to Organize the Party of the Working People of Ethiopia, has been published since 1980.47,400 681,200 Metu Kefa.An important event in the development of the Ethiopian theater was a festival of amateur art held in Addis Ababa in 1950.The Blue Nile, which receives numerous tributaries in the mountains, and the Atbara provide 69 percent and 22 percent, respectively, of the Niles water during the summer rainy period.In the cool zonethe dega (up to 4,000 m)average monthly temperatures range from.4C.8C, and there is less rainfall.The armed forces are directed by the National Revolutionary Operational Command, created in August 1977.In late 2011, Ethiopian forces again entered Somalia, in a concerted effort in support of the transitional government forces there that continued into 2012.Vocational-technical training, which begins at the level of the junior secondary school, lasts from one to four years.
Original and translated religious works were written in Amharic in the 17th century.
The chairman of the pmac is the head of state and government.