reset lost password on mac os x

If the password field shows a question mark, click it to display a password hint that home hardware building centre lindsay ontario might help you to remember.
Type ls /Users and press Enter.If you can't log in with your new password after restarting your Mac, take these additional steps: Restart again, then imediately hold down Command-R or one of the other macOS Recovery key combinations until you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe.Reboot into the, recovery Drive by choosing the, apple menu Restart, hold down the command r keys on the keyboard during the start up process, when you see the start up screen you can let.From the drop-down under Select the user account choose the user account that you want to reset password for.Yes, its startling to think that anyone could theoretically walk up to your computer and gain access within minutes.Anyone with physical access to your machine (whether it is Windows, Linux, or Mac) can eventually find a way in if they know what theyre doing.This means when you restart the machine, it will take you through the entire setup registration process all over again.Sit tight as your system boots into Recovery Mode.Once you have your password reset, make sure to have a backup of all your passwords somewhere else that is not in your Mac.Command and, r keys at the same time when the grey screen appears and hold them until you see the Apple logo.Follow the onscreen instructions to create a new password, then click Reset Password when done.At the chime (or grey screen if your chime is turned off hold down CommandS on your keyboard to enter single-user mode.If you time it right, you will enter the recovery mode.Well, it happens to everyone at some point, especially if you have just updated your password and can only remember the old password, not the new one.You may have to click on the lock icon in the lower-left corner before making changes here.