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Be sure to keep the grain line (arrows) going up/down with the wool.Final pressing: Use a damp linen towel or cloth between the wool and your iron to press the coat.When the fit looks good, you are ready to cut your fabric.I let a cuff down to make a sleeve longer and now am lengthening the lining and wonder if I can simply hem the lining and French tack the lining to the seams and let the lining hang loose?Be careful when you cut the buttonhole open.Sweat Shop Paris: Lessons in Couture from the Sewing Cafe.Some fabrics might not be wide enough to be cut in a semicircle on their own.6, be sure to assemble the correct notions: All of your supplies may be available online as well.Buttons: If you have a good buttonhole attachment or dial, make a few sample button holes to get the best size.You can use heavy books to hold the patterns in place while you make adjustments in placement.Skold and, ludde sheepskin rugs from friggin ikea.
The back will also list sizes and fabric ttern prices can range from a dollar (at a yard sale) to about 20 for a new pattern.