quantum power chair 600

Easy to use, but had to spend time with a tech at Better Life Mobility in Las Vegas who programmed it properly.
Pride does not give good support to end users, it would be game sonic the hedgehog untuk pc nice if they had a support line.
Chair works great now but then, it should, as it only had about 4 hours of use in total.
I've been told by the VA fallout 4 pc patch that it needs to go to the shop and be repaired!Fast; charges fully in 6-8 hours, unlike my older chairs (Quickie P100, Jazzy 600).I requested and was given different arm rests which projected further forward greatly improving getting on and off the chair.Strengths: I am experienced driver.I thank GOD that I didn't get rid of my second hand Pronto M71!We had the exact same thing happen with the Idle Mode, but this was just at the end of a normal day.Strengths: Goes fast enough to get me around town.It even beats out my hereto for personal favorite, the Invacare eXtera, a slightly more robust mid-wheel drive chair with tilt only.I have a large bruise and swelling.Tana is an end user who has over a year of experience with the product.Strengths: It turns in a very tight circle.Submitted this review on January 31st 2014 at 06:17.Motors seem to have less power than the M41.
Weaknesses: Going down a sidewalk it sounds loose as if is going to fall apart.
I'm a partial paraplegic and can still feel most of my legs and rear end but I cannot walk.