prototype all save game

I got my Prototype 2 copy just yesterday and started playing it today morning.
Here the mission will get end.
How to install the savegame?Hey Gamer, any update on the game saves?Reply With" #6, re: Prototype 2 PC Save Game download.Reply With" #8 Re: Prototype 2 PC Save Game download I have complete about 70 of the buddy but am stuck at a point and unable to clear.Stalk the streets of New York City, jasc media center plus 3 searching for the life you lead before.Who is responsible for your condition?Actually at a point i need to eliminate an object but he is just freezed.Lets see i will wait.Dont forget to visit here again.Shapeshifting: Attack with brutal and devastating powers; instantly triggering hundreds of power combinations (Attack, Defensive and Sensory).Top game cheats, trainer fundamentals of physics 10th edition halliday pdf Index P, up).Dont forget to backup your own existing save game file before you overwrite with this one.After doing it successfully gp back to the Father Guerra in church and talk to him.In order to complete the mission, you need to keep killing the Blackwatch footsoldiers unless you get a Rocket launcher.Reply With" #5, re: Prototype 2 PC Save Game download.Am still waiting for the same.No matter what i dow or how i attack him, he is just not getting effected.Let me know if you face any problem.
The script, complex, discusses the origins of the powers of Mercer, linked to a mysterious infection of New York.