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Four Heavenly Kings ) are four, pokémon Trainers who are regarded as the toughest in their regional, pokémon League, short of the, pokémon League Champion.
This grants the protagonists a huge advantage over their enemies since they're the only ones who can learn their strengths and weaknesses.
Pokédex, introduced in, pokémon Gold and, silver ; the, hoenn.Orange Islands, map of the Orange Islands, number of Pokémon: 151.Winner's Trophy Trivia The shape of the Orange Islands has a resemblance of a Clefairy.The Alola Elite Four is the only Elite Four with more female members than male ones.The Unova Elite Four first appeared english dictionary with pronunciation pdf in the Black White chapter as Black cites them during his daily pledge.Contents show, gym battles, gym battles in the Orange Islands differ from those on the mainland because the Orange Crew do not require challengers to actually fight them.Siebold later appeared in the Lost Hotel, cooking a meal for X and Y 's friends, as a way of apologizing for his lack of participation against Team Flare.However, they haven't appeared to the main characters as a group yet.The one in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen is horizontal with a fliptop, like a Game Boy Advance SP (although the GBA SP is actually vertical in design).In the Pokémon Live!Drasna gave them information about Zygarde and Wikstrom used his Probopass to guide them to Team Flare's hideout.In Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, it is held horizontally, like a Game Boy Advance.Trivia In the Kanto-based games, every Elite Four member has at least one Pokémon not of their specialty type during the first battle.These medals can be accessed through the Key Item, Medal Box, where they can be organised by Name, Type, Date of obtaining and more.Professor Ivy works on Valencia Island with her three assistants Faith, Hope and Charity.Drasna, Wikstrom, and Siebold were mentioned by Diantha during her conversation with Gurkinn and Korrina.Because unlike other iterations, the Pokédex was rare, being handed down only to certain individuals, all of them the manga's protagonists.
Additionally, they are the only ones who use just four Pokémon in rematches with them.
The Orange Islands is the only archipelago that has not been featured in any Pokémon game.