pekka kana 2 episodes

Rik89 : Hello there, i was no more than a kid whe playin pekka kana 2 good to hear is still alive!
"Zaints" track I used in the Gold Factory was used for the firs time (in custom pk2 episodes) at Iv4n's Tube Electric.
Exe (that is, the Windows Explorer) has seemed to help.However, that is an awful way of doing things.We also host all the other games produced by Piste Gamez, as well as all the soundtracks of those games.Send you episodes to us, and we will add it to the database.We also have stuff to make your life easier, such as the unofficial sprite editor.Our recommended solution is a program called.Ive never made any music for pk2 custom episodes.Your browser does not support the canvas element.Pekka Kana 2 has also been translated to several languages, and you can download the language files and manuals from the bottom of this page.Dont worry, I had backup, and also disc and data is safe anyway.If you want to know how game airport city offline to construct a tileset or how the color palettes in PK2 images work, we recommend you check out our help page.The Evil One : You can load sprites from the episode's folder but the level editor won't recognize them afterwards, so it makes making levels trickier.Send Us Your Episode Are you an episode creator, a map maker?Recommended setup for PK2 is Windows 98 and an old graphics card).Would you like to have your very own episode that you created to be available for download on our Episode Database?The Evil One : But as few people do that, the answer is probably.We Have a Solution for You!For more instructions for submitting a new episode, see our page for episode submitting.If you have no clue what Pekka Kana 2 is all about, but are a friend of old-school platform games, we recommend you take a look at our page about Pekka Kana.If you are a fan of PK2 or other Piste Gamez games but dont want to do any episode testing or write reviews, you can still register to our blog.Rajdh : replied bomberswarm2 : what is the sprite name of the skill block switch?