openoffice 3.4 ubuntu 12.04

In my opinion office suits achieved full funcionality many years ago and most of the new bells and whistles ( new hardware, protocols and exploits excepted) are frills added only for the sake of looking innovative.
Type the following command into the terminal: sudo dpkg -i *.deb, you will be required to provide an administrative password to run this command.
A Terminal is the linux equivalent of the DOS command line.
I used open office for years but actually switched away from it, even though it was the default in.04 install, because I ms office for mac air prefer it's philosopy.If you follow the link to the bug report, the last post on it has a workaround.Install on Ubuntu.04 LTS.It's late I'm bleary.).Seperti yang anda tahu, Oracle telah menurunkan OpenOffice kepada Apache dengan tujuan mendukung pengembangan open source masyarakat.If none of the posts on the Open Office forums sort out the problem you could try posting there as well.The executable file is located here: now create luancher for this excutable file from this site.I think Ctrl Alt T should give you a terminal.Libre Office also runs well on Mepris though I can't comment about sound fx libraries ii open office on Mepris as I haven't tried.Version.3 was ok it seems, there's nothing wrong game cut the rope for pc gratis with ducking the latest for the sake of stability.There is also Terminal Emulator" in one of the System or Administrator menus.It was definitely doing something: pages of "Unpacking openoffice" other encouraging messages rolling out.
So I'm not an expert on this and simply pointed you to where the experts are.