nur kasih episode 21

Cast Synopsis edit Nur Amina is a graduate from International Islamic University of Malaysia in the field of architecture and aspires to be a successful architect.
Katrina is an advisor to Adam when he has a problem.
Aidil insisted on class of heroes psp cso helping her but Nur refused, saying that it was better for everyone if nobody knew where she [email protected] Fa: Gk tentu, yg jelas lebih dari sehari, krn sy lebih mendahulukan menerjemahkan Rooftop Prince (utk episode genap jd setelah rooftop selesai, baru sy mulai.Ustaz Hassan, however, had a different idea.But fate turns ugly when the family received a visit from Ustaz Hassan.Unwilling to bring shame to her family, Nur decides that she will leave the village and deceive her parents by saying she has gone to Australia but actually going to Kuala Lumpur.Saat itu kakaknya, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk memintanya untuk tak perlu belajar.She is the second daughter of two siblings and has one sister.He eventually becomes Nur's husband.Although Adam was not close to his father, he always respected his mother; his favourite food is shrimp sauce, cooked by his mother.Ia berkali-kali mengatakan ia pasti.He loves to go on the spree, but faithful to girlfriend named Katrina.All links work to downloaded.1 Remy Ishak as Adam Haji Hassan Adam was the second son of Ustaz Hassan and Ustazah Khatijah.
She sought the help of her old friend Nabila and enrolled in the International Islamic University, studying architecture.