naruto shippuden episode 259 english sub

Nope, but it hasn't stopped me from trying.
The standard fan-fiction portrayal of Luna Lovegood as this Idiot Savant Prophet-like figure, who knows all and sees all, and yet only deigns to tell the twitter auto follow bot mac other mere mortals the most cryptic and useless garbage possible.
It just screams damsel in distress.
When Iruka greets him, Naruto is in Hokage Mode (especially after seeing Iruka in his shinobi garb).I just wish half the people who decided to pair Naruto with Anko didn't throw in Hinata as well.I have idm full crack 6.15 mf numerous other stories I'm also working on, most anywhere from 1 to 2 chapers, all the way up to a dozen.He can't get any worse than he his in canon.As cbr to pdf converterware many of you know, I have too many damn ideas.I can handle Luna as a shy introverted girl who says crazy stuff to protect herself.I'm not sure they even know that anime exists.Which character would be best OOC?Team Guy, I actually like everyone.Favorite Universes: Warhammer 40k, Halo, Star Wars,.E.A.R (Monolith Timeline Naruto, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mass Effect.Will generally follow the raid progression of WoW, but I won't be doing everything under the sun, only what I find particularly interesting.His relationship with Boruto is much better as well.
(TobiObito) : *Pithy Boulder Joke redacted due to latest chapters*.