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What crossover or mashup games did you find the most unpredictably enjoyable?
Hot Blooded Woman, action, Drama,Romance 2011, belly, adventure, Animation,Sh.You can choose your language settings from within the program.DC Universe, a fighting game that pitted the worlds most violent combatants against some of histories greatest fictional heroes and villains.While the future may look bright for gaming mashups, the past still holds its fair share of titles that managed to meld two unique worlds into one playable package.But it turns out pairing super powered monsters with ancient Japanese warlords is just as cool as it sounds.The following for the Nobunagas Ambition series is quite modest in comparison, but this fact didnt professor teaches office super set stop Tecmo Koei from teaming up with the Pokémon Company to create a mashup fans never saw coming.The last of his five adventures on the Master System (or any console for that matter) was.When his girlfriend is kidnapped by Hanzo the Dark Ninja, Alex does what any hero would do and fuses with the spirit of an ancient warrior.Youve got school to worry about, bustling city crowds, and aggressive beings from an alternate universe who are trying to steal your dream energy.Capcom series, the creators of Mortal Kombat and creative minds at DC comics decided to team.Why It Worked: Not to be outdone by the.The regular gruesome Mortal Kombat fatalities were scrapped in favor of more creative death sentences, especially when it came to the DC fighters.Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Released: 2012 (3DS) Background: Solving mysteries and solving crimes usually go hand and hand.UpdateStar Free and UpdateStar Premium come with the same installer.Mages, Ninjas, Moogles and more were added to the roster, each with their own special abilities.To appease all those involved Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE featured a modern setting where characters could fight along side special Mirage versions of famous Fire Emblem warriors.
Shinobi series, with sneaky ninja attacks and swordplay in full effect.