myth the fallen lords game

The principal western cities, Scales, Covenant and Tyr, were razed during the war, and only the free cities of Madrigal, Willow and Tandem still stand against the Fallen Lords.
Unlike many real-time strategy games, the player has the option to rotate the camera in any direction as well as zooming in and out.
With similar qualities, the evil side can arm thralls (unintelligent skeletons with axes Trows (bigger, better fighters Myrmidons (throw knives Ghols (good fighters and Soulless (throws spears).
The Watcher had enetered Covenant, intent on getting the codex and razing anything in his way.Ever after, in honour of the original Legion's sacrifice, the armies of the west are all known as Legions.Cu Roi and Murgen, sadly, do not survive the destruction of the Tain and many of the Legion are lost as well.A variety of characters characters are available to master including dwarves, warriors, berserks, archers, wizards, and many more.Soulblighter flees, startled by the unexpected destruction of the powerful artifact, which occured only mere moments after he plant molecular biology book used the artifact of The Legion.The Storyline of Myth The Fallen Lords is an epic tale of Men, Monsters, Swords, Magic, Bravery, Deceit.The legion with the Forest Giants' aid manage to repel the undead.There are a couple obvious reasons that can attribute to this difficulty.The Watcher constantly ambushing them from the front and Soulblighter charging them from the rear, like they were racing to see who could destroy the Legion first, Alric performs a daring feint.Myth utilizes some of the best graphics in the strategy genre today.The weather, for example, is not only pleasing to the eye, but will put out your dwarves' grenades.Having reclaimed his throne, Alric is able to act as both King and Avatara and aided the people, allowing the cities of Scales, Covenant, Tyr, Madrigal, Tandem, and Willow to be rebuilt.The Deceiver would remain in this condition for more than sixty years.After doing so they flee the area and manage to find a few survivors from the expidition with Mauriac, an officer and prince regent of Covenant during Alric's childhood.The battlefield can become bloody and gory, but don't be shy about using the body parts of a dead solider as a weapons.
The seventeenth year of the war ends.