msflexgrid vb net 2008

It seems to run out of memory after a while, Intellisense doesn't work properly, and the UI designer is just plain screwy.
I run Win Vista Home Premium; I am not succeeding in registering/installing/loading the various ocx and dlls for some reason.
I recall seeing something not too long ago about differences.I don't have access to the original install CD for Crystal Reports 8/8.5, so cannot fix this error directly.Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?EXE 14) 16 or 32) vbapi MsgBox nonclientmetrics SampleNo.wav).wav) Voice Text ExcelSpeech.Feb 4th, 2011, 01:08 AM #8 Re: Errors when loading VB6 project Maybe, it just may help.Exe " myURL, vbHide) 132 12InterNet urlhtml Inet urlhtml html 169 12InterNet URL URL(HTM 171 12InterNet urlhtm Microsoft internet ControlURL 176 12InterNet keybd_event apihp 183 12InterNet FTP Inetftphp(CGI) 189 12InterNet urlpictureBox urlpictureBox 224 12InterNet IE InternetExplorer InternetExplorergoogle WEB 225 12InterNet htmltable isamhtmlhtmltablemsflexGrid Excel 487 12InterNet HTM HTM Spreadsheet.Are you reregistering the non-VB controls (regsvr32) with elevated privileges?Tip: Try with a fresh project and add some of those components?I mentioned an XP machine since I also used VB6 on XP and it works flawlessly.However, the project in question does not open correctly because it needs a few third party controls like LaVolpe buttons, some of which I no longer have in hand, while others I have in a batch file that copies the various DLL and OCX files.Did you install the most recent VB service packs too?I managed to resolve almost all load errors, except for VisualMenuEx.Application(Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation) FileListBoxListBox Windows Script Host 8 ball pool setup API.531 ShellExecute FileSystemObject WindowsTemp API Temp Temp WindowsTemp Kill "." apifileSystemObject WinXP Win2000 Win98 (No.351) Win32 API SHCreateDirectoryEx.I also get an error message when exiting from the IDE.The time you enjoy food chain with decomposers consumers and producers wasting is not wasted time.Dll is apparently installed correctly under Projects References, why is it throwing an error in Projects Components?It had a few errors, but opens up fine and I can even compile test projects.SetMenuInfoAPI (Excel) (Excel) (Excel) 007 78 InstrRev(U) VB6.0 InStrRev VB6.0 VB5.On my Vista machine I found I needed to run VB6 as an administrator to get everything to work.Application3 211 08 vbhtm VB (Long)htmlrgbwebBrowser 212 08 WindowsRGB 035 101 ShellExecute NT402000XP API API ListBox ListBox (API) (LeftTop) (mm) WinXP Win9x API API API MS: J042959 VB Windows.Application3 AssocQueryString API SampleNo.
Wow LaVolpe, your old.