minimize all windows mac os x lion

Hide and Minimize All Mac Windows with Command Option.
The effect is instantaneous and immediately clears the display of any and all application windows, without closing or quitting any of the apps.The first is my preferred method which is a quick keystroke, and the other lets you double-click anywhere to lead with luv pdf send a window hiding.Heads up to @sambrowne for the great little keyboard shortcut tip.To do this in OS X, youll have to enable the feature in preferences: Open System Preferences and click on General.By combining the, hide All windows shortcut with the minimize keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X, you can use a third Minimize and Hide All shortcut that both hides and minimizes all windows open on a Mac.Look under the scroll bar section and check the box next to Double-click a windows title bar to minimize.As the title suggests, rather than closing anything, this keyboard shortcut will hide all other applications and windows, in addition to minimizing the currently active application or window into the Dock, effectively clearing the entire screen and giving you a blank view of the desktop.This works the same in just about every version of OS X tested, from Lion to Mavericks to Yosemite.By far the fastest way to minimize windows is the CommandM keystroke, which works anywhere with the currently active window.This hide and minimize all trick is accomplished by hitting the.You can modify it by adding an OptionH as well to minimize and hide everything including the currently active window with CommandOptionHM.
Double-Clicking Title Bars to Minimize Windows in.
Virtually everyone knows you can click the yellow pill button in the upper left corner of a window to minimize a window in Mac OS X, but there are actually a few other ways minimize windows faster than that.