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Firefox: make RoboForm work with Firefox ver 29 Aurora.
Version.9.98 - 02/17/2012 New sync algorithm from GoodSync.0.7.
Sync: fix bugs in initial sync.
Show current and new version numbers in Update RoboForm message.Fixed Popup dialogs size limits enabled or disabled randomly.Firefox: Fix edit button.Fix crashes in Firefox and Safari.Improved toolbar design for Safari and Firefox.Fix Identities fields were sometimes not saved in Editor.Implement licenses: Everywhere and Desktop (Fixed).Fix crashes in safari/firefox.Version.3.5 - 04/14/2017 Emergency Access functionality added.Show helpful error message in for SSL certificate error.New identity/contact/safenote buttons in navigator selector pane.Sync: add Conflict Resolver.Fixed unable to install extensions if application without bundle Id running (e.g.Sync: Implement Proxy settings.Fix import filemaker pro 10 advanced windows of passcards when dragging passcards to RoboForm.Fix Sync conflict resolver, allow user to choose direction.
Version.7.9 - 02/27/2014 Fix crashes in MacOS.5 related to old build of OpenSSL.
Use Magican.4.8 to clean duplicates, cashes and leftovers.