make mac os x install disc

Slide 2 of 7, first Things First: Make an ISO.
Select the "begin" or "start" or "burn" or "synonym for start" option, likely located on the bottom right of the window and allow your drive time to get itself ready.
You'll have to either switch to a Mac with a dual-layer DVD writer, or go out and buy one.Insert your OS X install disk into your disk drive, drag the disk shortcut into MagicDisk, and follow the on screen instructions.To make an ISO, simply download the program.Now, assuming you're clear on all that and you have your own copy (and you for some reason cannot use a Mac to do this) here's a guide on how to use a PC to make a Mac OS install DVD back.Make sure the correct drive is selected (if you're unsure which drive is correct, look at the markings on the outside of the drive and try and match them with the labels in the drop down menu) and then choose whichever write speed you prefer.This is risky business, and there's a lot that can go wrong, but if you follow these steps bigg boss 9 finale episode full you should end up doing okay.MagicDisk and open it up, followed by choosing the "Make CD/DVD Image".After everything completes, you should have a ".iso" file on your desktop (or wherever you chose to save it; desktop is default and you're ready to move onto the actual burning process.Wait a second- if you have a Mac to check escan antivirus 2014 full version with key the disk, why couldn't you just burn it from there.Slide 7 of 7, we Also Recommend.Step 4) The Aftermath, after the burn process finishes, take your disk out, check it for scratches and marks, then move it over to your Mac.