mac os x 10.10.10

Formerly relegated to the Dashboard, you'll now be sql server 2005 sp4 version number able to add core Apple widgets such as your calendar, weather, stocks, world clocks, social networks, a calculator, and reminders so you can interact with them directly without leaving the notification center.
You'll be able to share a file from an iPhone to someone nearby on a Mac, by simply dragging and dropping the file to the Mac user's icon, as well as in the opposite direction.
Once you're on a call and another call comes, you'll get a notification about the new call, along with an option to put your current call on hold to answer it; hang up and answer the new call; or add the person to a conference.Watch a quick video to see Spotlight in action.If you're suddenly busy and don't want all the notifications, you can go to the details and check a Do Not Disturb box.A details button in the upper right shows current people connected, and you can click Add Contact to add someone to your chat right away.Whatever the file is, you can put it in your iCloud Drive folder (accessed in favorites area of the Finder sidebar) and be able to access it from any of your devices.See m/kb/HT5044 article for details on how to verify the authenticity of this download.The new toolbar at the top is much slimmer, but manages to keep all the tools you're used to from Mavericks.To be fair, Launchpad has it's own search field so you can zero in on the app you want, but I still don't see the need for multiple ways to do the same thing.Family Sharing Family Sharing lets a family of up to six people share purchases from iBooks, iTunes, and the App Store without sharing accounts.Instead of just being able to share iOS and Mac documents, as iCloud did before, you'll now be able to save and access any file from iCloud Drive, regardless of platform.As is, I almost never look at the app and think Apple needs to come up with a way that makes it a fun and necessary tool for gamers.
For detailed information about the security content of this update, please visit: m/kb/HT201222.