lost administrator password windows 2000 professional

That's a stable thought to make a separate admin account on your infants notebook and in basic terms provide them yet another account with admin get right of entry to to sidestep this f to c converter from occurring interior the destiny.
I use my own but is not as administrator only power user.
If so, just log on with that account and change the.The thank you drumkit from hell key to restoration it particularly relies upon on how plenty time you desire to place into it: a million) you ought to use a linux password crack gadget to reset the admin password.2) eliminate the complicated tension and lower back your archives as much as a distinctive gadget, then reinstall.It may be lost forever, but here are a few methods for resetting the password. I lost administrator password for my computer a home.Another option is to back up the system, reinstall Windows 2000, and then restore the system.Domicile windows 2000 is designed rather to no longer show you how to reset the admin password in case you do no longer know.Its the one of the worst things you can do, and it makes you feel like a complete idiot.Solved, posted on, hI!The hazards to this are that it may harm your registry and additionally you're able to be compelled to reinstall domicile windows besides.I need to download some files, and others activities that required administrator previligies I can't get.On an ntfs system, you can use the Recovery Console to access and delete the file, but only if you have configured the Recovery Console for automatic administrative logon through the local security policy or through the inherited domain security policy.If its not your computer memory, it might be that youve mentally mislaid your Administrator password for your Windows 2000 Professional system.If that doesnt do the trick and you can afford to lose any other accounts contained on the system (likely with a workstation but unlikely on most servers delete the SAM hive.