linux mint netbook remix

This dictionary english spanish translation version is called Ubuntu Netbook Edition, and it provides a simple and optimized environment to run Ubuntu in you netbook.
Idea: Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) is a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution that has been optimized to make it to work better on netbooks and other devices with small screens or with the Intel Atom computer processor.I am currently using Ubuntu.10 UNR on an asus eeePC 901.One of its most important characteristics is the specially prepared interface to make the most of your screen space.UNR is an optional preinstalled operating system (OS) on some netbooks such as Dell Inspiron Mini 10v and the Toshiba NB100, and also runs on popular models such as the Acer Aspire One and the asus Eee.UNR has been available since Ubuntu release.04 Hardy Heron.Transitional package for the ubuntu netbook system.Install, description: This is a transitional package to move installed systems away from the ubuntu netbook remix package to the new ubuntu-netbook.Back, created 7 years ago, edited 7 years ago.Cinnamon, do you really want to report this product?Therefore, we will be able to find the Ubuntu Software Centre, the most updated multimedia players, chat and email clients, video and photo editors, games and much more.Often in Linux Mint a window will open and the 'cancel' or 'ok' buttons will be off the screen and Alt-click will not let one move the window so you can click the buttons.Terms Conditions, privacy Policy, contact 2017 cinnamon-look.Even though Ubuntu is a light GNU/Linux distribution and it can be run in not very powerful computers, theres a special version prepared specifically for netbooks.Comments: Other ideas from paulpoco, no other ideas.Org - Eyecandy for your Cinnamon Desktop.They offer different flash templates with latest features.Contrary to what might be thought, Ubuntu Netbook Edition includes all the options that the original Ubuntu offers, from the module applications to the configuration.All trademarks are copyright by their respective owners.
I like the Linux Mint releases but they are not set up for smaller screen sizes like 1024x600.