level editor 3 game

Welcome to a game which will make you feel like a junior game designer left alone in the office while everyone else has gone out for cocktails.
So, your job is to place platforms with your mouse and then get the stick man to reach the end of each stage with the arrow keys.Jak se ale sami pesvdíte, tak se toto dlouhé ekání rozhodn vyplatilo.V kadém kole se musíte s panákem v ervené kiltovce dostat pes vechny pekáky a nástrahy a ke dveím, které vedou do dalího levelu.But if you're looking for some clever, polished, casual fun, the little stick man has you covered.Ve he mete peskoit celkem ti kola, která budou nad vae síly.Time doesn't start ticking nitro blast plugin cinema 4d away until you make a move, so you're allowed to survey the screen as long as you like and plan your strategy.The V-Play components are communicating with the server backend, so you are all set with just a couple of method calls on the client side.Play Level Editor.Peklada (en » esky) OK, podobné hry, dalí díly (3).Level Editor 3 is a puzzle platformer which gives you half-finished levels and twiddles its thumbs while you figure out how to position the remaining elements.There are several different kinds of platforms, and discovering how they function can be quite hilarious.The graphics are gorgeous, bright and clean, and the animations are stylish and flowing.Or mean, depending on how you feel about gratuitous violence towards animated characters.