kappa sigma ritual book

During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and if necessary, at other times during the meeting, an outer Guard shall be posted.
40 Being then in the presence of the inhabitants of the City of Letters, you were asked what you most game sonic the hedgehog untuk pc desired at their hands, and at your request they restored your sight and admitted you to their fellowship.
Then the GMC opening the door and advancing, lays his right hand on the Candidate's left shoulder three times it a gentle, but firm, restraining manner as he asks: /block OF text GMC: Who comes here?
Your first duty is to God and your family, then to the Fraternity, then to your fellow man diamond rush 2 game size 128x160 in general.As in life, it becomes necessary for you to trust others who have made this journey before you.Brothers, extend a fraternal welcome to our new Brother!These are answered by a like number from within, but intermittently: one rap answered by one, two raps answered by two, etc.As the Candidate approaches the station of the GM, the GM rises and moves to the front of his station to meet the Candidate.You were then conducted 14 to the Grand Master in the East, who encouraged you in your desire to become a member of Kirjath Sepher and forewarned you concerning the Obligation you were to assume and its nature and solemnity.Because it shared with Bologna its reputation as a City of Letters, "Kirjath nova 3 1.0.3 hack Sepher" was the name chosen as the secret name for the Order.The head of the family, 57 pointing to a rosette of colored silks upon the wall, said to him, "My colors fade on these walls for want of wearers." Inquiry as to his meaning led to the communication of the secrets of Kirjath Sepher.GMC: L -O shaking hands twice.With the palm of your left hand facing up, tap your right hand onto the palm.GMC: That I might travel in foreign countries, and even in my own, and everywhere enjoy the society of a friend and Brother.
Unfortunately for one Kappa Sigma member, his friends had something more permanent in mind.