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How to empty Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders dream theater the glass prison automatically To have delete old items from the Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders automatically, set Outlook AutoArchive to run every few days, and then configure the following settings for the above folders: Right click the.Select this option if drama gu family book gratis you want to configure your own auto-archive settings.Please keep in mind that unlike Outlook AutoArchive, manual archiving is a one-time process, and you will need to repeat the below steps each time you want to move older items to archive.Older items will be deleted from the Junk and Deleted items folders on the next AutoArchive run.Tasks that are not marked complete are not AutoArchived.The tutorial explains how to archive emails in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and other versions.Dll de-de : Contains the German language version of the files in the en-us subfolder.For example, a mail folder that you create for status reports received from a co-worker or a contact folder you create for personal contacts.So if you receive lots of emails on a daily basis, configure your Outlook Auto Archive to run more frequently.Prompt before AutoArchive runs Choose whether you want a reminder message to appear before AutoArchive processes your Outlook items.As you already know, Outlook archive is a type of Outlook Data File (.pst) file.If you want to archive items that are excluded from auto-archiving, select the Include items with "Do not AutoArchive" checked box.How to archive emails in Outlook automatically.The Do not AutoArchive this item property is selected for a given item.Archive folder is missing in Outlook If the Archives folder does not appear in the list of folders, open the AutoArchive settings, and verify that the Show archive folder in folder list option is selected.For example, enable AutoArchive by selecting Turn on AutoArchive and choose an archiving interval by selecting a number in the Run AutoArchive every x days box.For example, if you configured AutoArchive to run every 14 days, the folders will be cleaned out every 2 weeks.Setting Policies on the local computer Once youve installed the Group Policy Administrative Templates of your Office version, you can also control the Office policies on your own computer via the Group Policy Editor.Where are Outlook Archive files stored?If unselected, you will still be able to open your Outlook archive folder manually.The admx templates in both packages are exactly the same.
The Outlook template and other ADM files can be downloaded from 2007 Office System Administrative Templates (ADM) (m/fwlink/?LinkId78161) on the Microsoft Download Center.
In the Account Settings dialog, switch to the Data Files tab.