game of thrones season 1 episode 2 english subtitles

Theon must decide if his loyalties lie with his own family or with Robb.
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Jon Snow heads north to join the brotherhood titan quest cd key list of the Nights Watch.Tyrion tries to see who he can trust in the small council.Episode 2 : The Kingsroad, having agreed to become the Kings Hand, Ned leaves Winterfell with daughters Sansa and Arya, while Catelyn stays behind in Winterfell.At Harrenhal, Tyrin Lannister wants to find the assassin who struck so near to him.It will only take 1 minute of your time and you will only have to do this once.His prisoner, Ygritte, soon turns the tables on him.He is also growing fonder of Lady Talisa.He is chastised however by the locals for turning on the family that raised him.Theon's sister Yara arrives at Winterfell with reinforcements but he still can't seem to earn her respect.As Stannis' fleet approaches Renly's camp, Petyr Baelish has advice for Margaery and her brother.Theon learns that his father wants him to return home.Davos Seaworth delivers Stannis' witch, Melissandra, to a remote cave.Osha improvises, as does Theon so as not to lose face.