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And like the PlayStation before it, Sony went out of their way to make it friendly to third-party designers.
And though the Sega Dreamcast was technically the first into the 128-bit generation, the PS2 was hot on its heels and represented a significant upgrade in hardware capability.(1)2002-10- (1)2003 (514)2003-4 warcraft 3 reign of chaos custom games (1)2004 (583)2004.Just about every genre imaginable has at least a few hit titles.Though there's extremely few areas where you can go wrong, some of the console's particular strong points are Japanese RPGs, sports, racing and open-world sandbox titles.It was an innovative and powerful design, optimized specifically for 3D gaming.Ultimately, the PS2 ended up being a console that really had something for everyone, no doubt a major contributing factor to it being the best-selling in gaming history.Here Comes the Pain.83 Def Jam - Fight for.88 Mortal Kombat - Shaolin Monks.85 Digimon Rumble Arena.92 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.83 Downhill Domination.84 Naruto - Ultimate Ninja.84 Call of Duty 3 - Special Edition (Bonus).The Guitar Hero and Rock Band series would turn out to be gigantic sellers.All GenresUnspecified (85)Action (677)Action Adventure (378)Action RPG (106)Adventure (196)Battle (15)Beat em Up (83)Board (49)Card (13)Card Battle (4)Casino (45)Compilation (162)Fighting (267)First Person Shooter (124)Flight (51)Hunting (8)Jump n Shoot (5)Lightgun (32)Music (139)Party (54)Pinball (17)Platformer (175)Puzzle (107)Racing (535)RPG (261)Shoot Em Up (89)Simulation (105)Sports (534)Strategy (121)Survival Horror (54)Trivia (37)Wrestling.With xbox 360 crysis 2 full game code an estimated 155 million units sold worldwide, Sony's PlayStation 2 is the most successful console in video game history.Here Comes the Pain 770,397 DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 2 699,848 Need for Speed - Underground 2 694,881 Neopets - The Darkest Faerie 673,258 Tekken 5 659,006 Midnight Club 3 - DUB Edition 631,608 WWE SmackDown.The PS2 saw several different form factors released over its lifetime, but the two main variants are the "fat" and "slim" cases.