future way the game goes

That's the way the game goes, that's the way the game goes, that's the way the game goes.
Look too good and you come through the hood then a stupid motherfucker get his ass stopped.
You trap with us I minecraft skin editor and creator guarantee you'd see life different.
I up my show money went and bought some pistols, jugg house full of white like everyday was Christmas.That's the way the game goes.Had the drop head back but I hopped in bad had to pull a Mike Tyson off and crashed.More bitches more cash, more bitches more cash, that's all these young niggas gone get (turn up!).Graduated class cause all I need is math in the school of hard knocks, no cap gown.Hook: Future, thanks to moneymotivated94 for correcting these lyrics).Road killers you can get shooters, eating dinner dinner Peter Lugers.Harlem native and former Dipset Capo Jim Jones linked with Atliens.Riding dirty on Pete street, come by yourself when you meet.Hook: Future, verse 2: Young Scooter, gotta sell this dope, Gotta off these bails, can't trust these niggas (naw).Riding around with Scooter, with my top down let them see the hooters.Them bricks you got ain't nothing to me nigga I done did.Gotta count this money gotta check these plugs gotta wrap these chickens, if it ain't bout no money nigga I ain't with.My Cuban bitch she blessed me daddy got them chickens (Isabella that's why I fuck with Jimmy he a real street nigga.
Young Scooter adds a nice verse about street mayham and the radio killer, Future holds down the hook, which will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.