focus 1.6 ecoboost titanium review

The Focus looks a bit like a large Ford Fiesta, and its no bad thing being compared with that little looker.
Rating: * Price: 19,745 For: handsome, high quality, drives well Against: prices dangerously close to premium competition.Ford must be hoping that the Focus doesnt go the way of the ill fated European Mondeo in fairy tail portable guild psp the 1990s which failed its test as a Ford Contour and Mercury Mystique in the.S, or the unloved little Escort in the 1980s.If you choose SatNav, you get a rear-view camera.Good news, because the six-speed manual box I drove seemed a bit wooly.And yet it falls short of the mark.This time higher gas prices and changing.S.The Titanium, from 18,745, has a more powerful 123 hp petrol motor and includes keyless start, hill start assist, rain-sensing wipers, auto headlamps, cruise control with speed limiter and premium Sony audio system.Theres also an easy-to-use new touchscreen infotainment system.Imagine the cartoon character Road Runner as he zooms off a cliff.Wayne supplies America, ford savings champion rate tracker of Europe has designed this new Focus as the.S.There's absolutely no wasted movement in the brakes, steering, gear change or clutch, making for a satisfyingly responsive car.The base price is set low at 15,995, but if you opt for just some of the technology available, prices will quickly soar past 20,000 and keep on running well into BMW, Mercedes and Audi territory.Power: 148 hp, torque: 240 Nm @ 1,600, gearbox: 6-speed manual.Having less weight in the nose makes turn-in sharper and the ride slightly more settled than in the diesel models, which allows you to make the most of the well-balanced and grippy chassis - a setup that still betters many others in the class.
Sure it feels a bit flat at low revs and throttle openings, but open it up and it comes alive.
One day it was making Dagenham dustbins designed by accountants to make money and to hell with the customers.