fire emblem sprite editor

I really dont know why but for some obscure reason I was encountering some problems with the code when I removed these lines, so I kept them.
I cant help you with this.
If names run out before numbers do, the selector will continue with just numbers.
If you hear a song play in game, make sure it also appears in the sound room (applicable only to some games).Its purpose is to take a bunch of mixed-up disorderly graphics and make some sense out of it so that when you see the graphics in-game, they look nice.Load it into Usenti, a bitmap editing program onenote 2010 training manual oriented for the GBA that you can find on my site.Look at the offsets.Each game has different modules though.If you understood all of that, great jobif not, I suggest you review it before you move.And I cant write a tutorial on that.No easy mode -Available: FE8 -As the name says, you can't select easy mode for difficulty with this patch.Well, thats actually not a problem.Regarding Fire Emblem, so just look around.He also made the Event Assembler, which is just another one of his awesome creations.Get your hex editor out, open up your Fire Emblem ROM as well.Okay, now that we know that, Ill cover how to actually code each mode.It has to use the Sappy engine or this wont work.Theyre all super important in more complex hacks.So we want to make sure its feet are at the right level.I always use a testing ROM for my animations and back-up the test ROM so that if something screws up, nothing bad that I cant fix will result.Plus Ive seen so many topics on getting FEditor Advance to work that I feel I must make this chapter.Otherwise if theres no major difference, you should.Move camera on map.