film inuyasha the final act episode 26 subtitle indonesia

Knowing it can't trick her anymore, the jewel asks Kagome what she'll do then.
However, she then asks why Rin is living with Kaede in the village, learning Kaede advised Sesshmaru to let Rin learn how to live amongst humans first so she can choose to resume tra Rin gets a new kimono from Sesshmaru veling with him.
He inquires if Inuyasha keeps checking the well every three days.They both embrace and share a long-awaited kiss.Video is not playing2.The Bone Eater's Well had reappeared in a pillar of light three days after Naraku 's death, but only Inuyasha emerged from the well.The scene in which Inuyasha finally finds windows 7 home premium pro tools Kagome inside the jewel and they kiss is featured in the anime only; Rumiko Takahashi never luxor hd game full version for pc showed Kagome and Inuyasha kissing in the manga).Both cannot help, but feel sorry for Inuyasha as he must be lonely without the one he loves.Summary, inuyasha continues fighting the demons in the.Kagome tells the jewel that she'll make a wish, making it pulse with light.Miroku, Sango and Shipp arrive soon afterwards with the kids, happily surprised to see Kagome again.However, Kaede thinks to herself how Kagome came into their world with the jewel and vanished along with it, meaning she only was able to come to their world to banish the jewel forever.Inuyasha yells for Kagome, but the demons block his voice from getting out.Her mother comes in the shrine and looks into the well as well, seeing the sky at the bottom.
Inside Miroku and Sango's house, Kaede and Rin have successfully delivered the couple's new son.