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339 In the Japanese anime television series, she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.
52 while Bisca is able to requip various firearms with her magic, "The Gunner" Za Gann ).
A b Fairy Tail 13 (DVD) (in Japanese).20 dvdfab 9 crack mac In the English dub, he is voiced by John Burgmeier.293 Lamia Scale edit Lamia Scale Ramia Sukeiru, Japanese text translates as "Snake Princess's Scale is one of Fiore's official guilds that allies with Fairy Tail against the OraciĆ³n Seis.Jude Heartfilia edit A wealthy business tycoon and president of the esteemed Heartfilia Konzern, Jude Heartfilia Jdo Htofiria ) is Lucy Heartfilia 's father.He admires Natsu Dragneel, and becomes depressed during Sirius Island's seven-year disappearance until the missing guildmates return.203, 255 The guild is a memento of her best friend Zera.254 In Japanese, final fantasy strategy guide they are voiced by Masaki Kawanabe and Eiji Sekiguchi, respectively.176 Most of the Exceed population resent humans, casting out any Exceed who sympathize with them or ignore their queen's orders.2 :afterword He has a fierce rivalry with Natsu Dragneel because of their opposing personalities and magical elements.223 an officer who commands one of the Rune Knights' custody units,. .27 :extra His name was originally going to be Albion Arubion but Mashima shortened it to balance out his teammates' longer names.154 The Seis first appear in search of the morality-switching magic Nirvana Niruvna ) to annihilate the world's official guilds.
27 :extra In the Japanese anime television series, she is voiced by Yui Horie running man episode 163 sub and her name is spelled "Charle" in Funimation's subtitles.
The most powerful member of the guild is Kagura Mikazuchi Kagura Mikazuchi a swordswoman who wants to take revenge against Jellal for killing her brother Simon.