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Now that I am at the end of this journey the beginning of a new one soon, I am free to answer any of your queries if you are planning to take the similar road or are already midway.Already having a 10 years of work experience, I was more keen on having a coherent age group in the class.Barring a few exceptions its surely a couple of years of journey on average for most.Duration.5 years, with classes held on weekends (Fridays / Saturdays).Here it includes the internet charges for browsing, downloading tests and other online stuff.Classes are held in the evenings and weekends via satellite-based content delivery.Executive courses at IIM Calcutta, after the section on shorter Management Development Programs (MDP youll find the section.Who knows, one might even end up with a friend for life.Executive MBA variations in other IIM and non-IIM colleges.My final list of schools contained schools which I had mentioned during my gmat exam it helped me save some money (for not having to send separate scores).This helps to rule out most of the schools particularly MBA schools in USA.The application should be interesting enough to stand out amongst the pile of other applications and to receive the MBA interview call.Hence there is no point in trying more than a couple of times ending up with minor differences in the gmat score.Dont think you can pass them off on your CV or LinkedIn profile as a regular MBA by skipping the course name details.I just went ahead with further applications (it does cost a bomb especially in foreign currency/ for Asian schools).
What is the maximum amount of money I would put in for my MBA, including my loss of salary for a year (max 30-35 lakh Indian Rupees).
Sameer responded to me, not only through my comments posted online, but also took efforts to answer my queries such as how to record battlefield 3 demo multiplayer video of 2 mins for my application personally on email.