dxo optics pro 7 review

Smart Lighting in action.
Red-eye, automated detection and correction of red eyes.It can also recover a quite extraordinary level of shadow detail, and without badly effecting mid-tones and highlights.Upgrade your images without upgrading your equipment.Rating and filtering shortcuts, easily cull through photos using new keyboard shortcuts.DxO OpticsPro respects your photographic intentions: batch processing lets you apply the same settings to a series of images, all while adapting the automatic corrections to each photo's content, based on precise camera calibration data.It will only work on your original images straight from the camera, and you'll still need Photoshop, Elements or some other image-editor for jobs like cloning, localised adjustments, special effects and other image manipulation jobs.Second, if you use a high-end or pro D-SLR, you will need the more expensive Expert version the DxO website lists the cameras supported by each version.Award-Winning Software The proof is in these exceptional images.The Slight preset on the left, custom lighting on the right.The interface has fix my registry 7.0 crack been redesigned to be both simpler and more efficient, and DxO has reorganised the tools palettes in the right sidebar.But DxO Optics Pro doesn't just correct lens defects.DxO prime, the industry-standard noise reduction technology for RAW files.Prime noise removal, one of the headline features is DxO's prime noise reduction option.You'll find out just how much distortion and corner shading your lenses produce, and you'll see how much better your pictures look without chromatic aberration this often 'colours' fine details more than you think.DxO Smart Lighting, dxO says its Smart Lighting technology is improved too, claiming improved highlight and shadow recovery with fewer colour errors.Slider reactivity, up to twice as fast, providing a frictionless user experience.Ease of use, power, and processing speed.If you put the two side by side, the prime version is certainly smoother, but doesn't look quite as sharp.In fact, DxO's regular 'High' noise reduction process, also improved in version 9, is very effective too and almost instant by comparison.The new Smart Lighting system is simpler than the old one and can be amazingly effective at recovering shadow detail.Verdict, dxO Optics Pro 9 offers superb lens corrections, clean and sharp raw conversions, powerful highlight and especially shadow recovery, one-click 'intelligent' corrections that often need no further work.
300, cameras recognized reading festival line up times 2015 950, lenses supported 30,000, camera/Lens Combinations in total, dxOs Optics Module Library includes detailed knowledge regarding your specific cameras and lenses, and uses this information to automatically eliminate distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations.
DxO is constantly releasing profiles for new lenses and cameras, so the new features in version 9 centre on the RAW conversion and image processing tools.