drama korea the heirs episode 15

In his naïve way he had asked Won what hed have to do to get his mother more shares than Madam Jung.
Comments Guess shes made her choice.
She says its okay for now but the students will treat her very differently once the story breaks that shes a poor charity case.
After the parent-teacher conference, Hyun-joo passes by Won in the hall without a word.Sure, it was preceded by Tan being a little creepy controlling but then he grabbed her face and.She promises to repay the favor and heads inside, and Young-do thinks her brave for offering when she doesnt know what hell ask for.You want my shares?You two are so cute when youre not arguing about social hierarchies.Eun-sang steadily makes her way past the guards and up the stairs, and as she does, we go back to the choice Dad offered her.Dad surprises him by saying that since hes going to take another year to retake the exam, he can acrobat reader x para windows 7 choose to study whatever he wants in school, and suddenly Hyo-shin lights.He threw the smack down on everybody.Rachels mom is as condescending as ever, declaring that the matter is something outside the mistresss purview.Tan goes home to face the music, and Dad is raging mad about the broken engagement, thinking that all of it has to do with Eun-sang and asking if he has to resort to dealing with her before Tan will wake.Bo-na finally has enough of all the limelight-poaching lip-locks around here and declares her party ruined.He says that if she breaks up with Tan now, hell send her anywhere she likes.He even offers to give hyung all his shares to prove how much he doesnt want to fight this war, and asks what he has to do to make hyung believe him.She tries every birthdate and anniversary she can think of to crack the code, but it stays locked.Download the latest version here.We went back to the pantry.His threats just bounce right off of her now, and she just tells him to eat.
Young-do comes by to play the black knight, and whadduya knowhe doesnt even resort to violence, and gets them to back off using fairly civil words.
But it turns out to be a decoyits Young-do after all, and Tan uses the diversion to run out the back and hop the wall like a badass.